SC Skydiving

11920 Gapway Rd. Andrews, SC

  1. Free Fall
    Free Fall
    We offer an Accelerated Free Fall program for those of you who want to experience the thrill on their own. skydivers of all abilities are welcomed.
  2. Tandem Jumps
    Tandem Jumps
    Our USPA drop zone offers tandem jumps for first time jumpers. We promise it will be a safe experience you will never forget!
  3. Rentals and Coaching
    Rentals and Coaching
    We also offer gear rentals and coaching jumps for more experienced jumpers. Our commitment is to deliver our customers the best service in the industry
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​We work hard every day to make our drop zone the number one place to jump in South Carolina. We take care of everything from mowing the grass to relentless gear safety checks the staff at SCS will always put our jumpers needs first. Our goal is to build a strong and successful drop zone with a huge fun jumper base so our friends and sky family will always have a fun, clean, and safe place to play.

If you’re looking to add a little thrill to your vacation we are a short drive from Myrtle Beach and Charleston. Which means you can spend sunrise in the sky and sunset on the beach.

Call and book your jump with us soon, the plane fills up fast!​

Tandem Skydiving

Enjoy a complete tandem skydiving experience with a professional USPA certified instructor!
Experience the rush of your tandem skydive in the Andrews area as you leap from over 8,500 feet above the ground!
All of our instructors have gone through the most rigorous training available and are held to the highest standards set forth by the globally recognized USPA.
We value safety above all else and delight in answering questions about what skydiving is about. Please visit out FAQ, e-mail or call us for any inquiries you have.
Enjoy new heights in the safe and fun adventure of skydiving. ​​​Our skydiving facility is conveniently located just a short drive between Charleston and Myrtle Beach. 

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